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We’re all about buying experiences over things, so when I first saw ads on Instagram for HideSeek, a pop-up experience in downtown Toronto, I knew I had to get tickets right away! HideSeek is an interactive museum inspired by childhood nostalgia. I am a ’90s baby and someone who is very nostalgic (give me anything that gives me a little blast from the past and you’ll be pulling at my heart strings!), so I really wanted to dive into this experience!

I searched Pinterest for ’90s wardrobe inspiration (I’m also a huge lover of dressing up for the occasion lol). Most people on HideSeek’s Instagram and/or on Pinterest were wearing jeans…but I HATE jeans. Instead I wore black Gym Shark leggings–not ’90s inspired, but was comfy and neutral for the occasion. I purchased a couple of 90’s inspired tees from Forever21, wore a bright pink jacket, tied a denim shirt around my waist (adding the denim effect without actually having to wear it on my legs), popped in some hoop earrings, and broke out my old black converse!

My sister’s sister in law, Lacey-Rose, and her daughter, Hazel, joined us for our trip. They were SO ADORABLE wearing matching outfits — denim on denim, Mickey Mouse t-shirts, high-top hair buns, and hoop earrings.

Overall, HideSeek’s instalments were great to look at, but I felt like it weighed more heavily on the photo opportunity experience. If you’re looking for a place to actually play or learn, I would go somewhere else. I was fully underwhelmed by the lack thereof. If you’re looking for a place to take cute Instagram photos, this is definitely the place! It hasn’t put a damper on my itch to visit other interactive museums in the area! Currently on my bucket list:

Museum of Illusions
The Funhouse
Eye Candy⁣⠀

On the photography aspect:

I’m trying to get better about documenting our own memories and blogging about our personal experiences. I did it SO often growing up, which is how my love for photography started! Now that I professionally document memories for others, I try no to bring my camera to personal things so I can be present and not “work”. ⁣⠀
But I tried REALLLLY hard this time.⠀
Alex took the majority of the photos (as you can probably tell)! It was quite the challenge trying to go through the interactive instalments swiftly, yet still try to get the settings right. ⁣⠀
I did the editing and wowoweeee that was a challenge. We are really good at finding the right light (natural light) and finding backgrounds that work well with that light. We also typically have our reflector to help manipulate light, as well as our strobes for when we have a lack of it. We obviously could’t lug all our equipment around for the sake of taking our own personal photos. Although I thought it was “awful lighting”, all it really was was just d i f f e r e n t . And things that are different or things that push us out of our comfort zone help us grow. It was a fun challenge to try and nail these photos!⁣⠀
Did you grow up in the ’90s? Which were the most nostalgic instalments for you to look at? Tell me in the comment section below!

Red Sofa at HideSeek Toronto

Entrace at HideSeek Toronto

Iridescent balls at HideSeek Toronto

Gumball wall at HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek Toronto

Big Dream Wall at HideSeek Toronto

Trix at HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek Toronto

Swings at HideSeek Toronto

Swings at HideSeek Toronto

Locker room at HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek Toronto

Leggo at HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek Toronto

TV room at HideSeek Toronto

Bubble gum wall at HideSeek Toronto

Keep Dreaming at HideSeek Toronto

Leggo at HideSeek Toronto

Slumber Party at HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek Toronto

Cereal at HideSeek Toronto

Teddybear at HideSeek Toronto

Glow in the dark stars HideSeek Toronto

TV room HideSeek Toronto

Crayon at HideSeek Toronto

Pool noodles HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek Toronto

HideSeek Toronto


July 2, 2019

HideSeek | Downtown Toronto

HideSeek Toronto

This weekend I had the privilege to take my sister’s maternity photos! This is my parents’ first grand-baby so you bet we’re all so dang excited!!


We decided to do a sunrise session at Scarborough Bluffs Beach in Toronto. We had a packed weekend for her baby shower (the first of three!) and Saturday morning was our best option. Saturday morning ended up being the most perfect day! It was a chilly four degrees; the sun was shining; and the beach was covered with icy snow, making it a beautiful wintry terrain.


Laura had originally purchased a white maternity dress to wear for this session, however the dress she purchased for the baby shower wasn’t delivered in time. So she ended up wearing the white dress to the baby shower while I leant her this lace top and blue gown for her photos.  The baby’s breath crown, made by Jessica Hobson Event Artistry, completed Laura’s whimsical maternity attire. Nick’s grey Calvin Klein suit and blue bow tie complimented Laura’s outfit perfectly!


These two  absolutely slayed their session to celebrate this milestone in their life!


Thanks for trusting me to take photos of you so early on a Saturday morning!  I’m so excited for Baby Ulloa to make his or her debut in April!!! Eeep!



And the outtakes, of course 😉 #reallife

March 11, 2019

Winter Maternity Session at Scarborough Bluffs | Toronto, Ontario